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Principal CHRIS RAJU Talks About Trinity College, Beenleigh

Video transcript: Trinity College is a well established school. It has an extensive curriculum with some very good facilities that your children would appreciate. The curriculum is particularly good. In the junior school, years seven to nine, we have an extensive programme for literacy and numeracy, extension programmes in those programmes and a variety of other subjects and electives.

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In years 10 to 12 we offer a huge variety of courses, both OP authority courses, and a large number of vocational courses including a trade training centre that will help some of the children that have that ability or inclination and interest to pursue apprenticeships and traineeships in a variety of domains.

The advantage of an enrolment at Trinity College is that it gives you a stable place for the whole six years of a child’s schooling. We have a very strong programme in the junior school, that is years seven to nine, and in years 10 to 12, where a number of programmes are offered that will assist your child to either pursue an academic stream or a vocational stream, as the case might be.

This college has an enviable reputation in providing opportunities for both streams of schooling, the academic and the vocational. We have a very extensive academic programme at this school and the school does extremely well in that area. But in addition to that, for the numbers of children who don’t have an academic bent, we have a huge variety of vocational programmes that they can access.

Our students are in a position where, at the end of year 12, they can articulate to an apprenticeship or a traineeship readily with the background that they get at this school. The school offers a variety of programmes and this helps every child to work out a course that they might pursue later. So, whether it is an academic course, or whether it’s a vocational course, or a combination of the two, that will assist them to attain whatever career that they might pursue after school, it’s possible to do here.

We don’t separate them into individual packages. A student can opt to do a composite course that will allow them to attain an OP, a QCE, or a vocational training certificate, as the case might be. It is possible, of course, for a student to achieve a vocational certificate while still completing their QCE and doing a series of authority subjects. It is a smorgasbord, if you like, of courses that would suit a huge variety of children and their needs.

I’d just like to outline for you a few things that I put to the staff and the students at the beginning of this year. I challenged them in three ways. The first way to have courage of heart. To go forward with whatever they do with courage of heart. Whether it be on a rugby field, or whether it be at a debate, or presenting an oral in class, it takes courage of heart to do it. I’ve challenged them to have that, whatever the challenge might be.

Secondly, I said to them that they need to develop and cultivate their minds. Our minds are more than our brains. It is our whole being, and I think that it is important to cultivate our minds with good literature, good art, drama, as the case might be. I challenge them to take up the offer to cultivate their minds.

Thirdly, to set high expectations of themselves. Whatever their abilities and whatever their talents might be, set high expectations so that you’re working to achieve those expectations across this year.

These three qualities that I’ve enunciated to the staff and students are important not just at this stage in their lives. It is something that applies right across a person’s life from the youngest age to the very oldest. Because we all, at different times in our lives, faces challenges where we need courage of heart. And at other times in our lives where we need to cultivate our mind and not let our minds slip into what is cosy and comfortable. So also with our expectations, we need to keep and to maintain, no matter what we do, high expectations of ourselves so that we are constantly reaching forward and up for what we hope to achieve.

As the principal of Trinity College, I encourage you to enquire about our school, to come in and to talk to us, to come and visit us, and to come and visit the school so that it might give you an opportunity to really explore what would suit your child best. We believe that we have the best education to offer in this region, across a whole variety of areas and we’d like to invite you to come and have a conversation with us and explore the possibilities for an enrolment of your child at this school.

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