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Students Get Ahead with Homework Club

Students attending the Trinity College, Beenleigh Homework Club have been getting ahead in their academic pursuits while forging new friendships.

The Homework Club is an initiative to have learning continue after the last school bell rings for the day, but in a less formal environment to the classroom. It is also entirely voluntary for students to attend – with up to 50 students making use of the Homework Club in any given afternoon.

The Trinity College, Beenleigh Principal, Chris Raju said the Homework Club initiative started last term.

“This is an initiative that started at the end of last term where every Tuesday and Thursday, the learning doesn’t stop at three o’clock,” Chris Raju said in the video above.

“Up to 50 students attend our homework club from three o’clock to four thirty two days a week.”

College teacher, Anna Gustavson said the large number of tutoring programmes being offered at the Homework Club was bringing many students goals within reach.

“The amazing thing about homework club and about all the tutoring programmes that we’re offering here across the school is that it puts those goals in reach for the students, so just because they aren’t understanding a problem straightaway, what these opportunities of working with teachers one-on-one are giving to the students is that it doesn’t matter if they don’t get it right straightaway, they will get it,” Anna Gustavson said.

A college student described the Homework Club as an opportunity to get ahead while making a broader circle of friends from other year levels that will support you through school, which isn’t possible in a normal classroom setting.

“On top of everything, which means at home I can spend more time with my family, because I’m doing all my schoolwork at school,” the student said in a video interview.

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